Thursday, July 19, 2007

Soviet Outbreak in 1933?

C.Z.R.G. Report
Samantha Cummins
July 19, 2007
Nazino, Russia

On April 9, 2007, an Australian publication released an article about an incident in 1933 in Russia during Joseph Stalin's regime. The article is about a historian who wrote a book entitled, "Cannibal Island".

The Australian:
Thousands of Soviet-era prisoners rounded up in Joseph Stalin's brutal purges were dumped without food or shelter on a remote island in Siberia, where they turned to cannibalism.
It's a very interesting article and a very sad story from a very sad time in Russia. Analysts from the C.Z.R.G. stationed in Russia undertook their own research into the incident and came upon a startling find.

A diary from a man named Pytor Andreev was found in the rounded up material from various sources. Andreev, whose age is unknown, left a lot of very detailed information on what he was witnessing. He described his mother becoming sick:

"I placed my frozen hand on my mother's forehead and felt the warmth of a hundred suns. I wished I could crawl into her head and be just as warm. Never mind what crazy things she must be thinking - She is so delirious."

He also described the day his brother was shot to death:

"I warned him not to. There was no hope. Of course, he didn't listen to me. He never did. I saw him push off from the shore amidst a crowd of bodies, most laying on the cold muddy ground, almost none standing. His last glance at me was a smile and I began to cry...but no tears would come, for I had no water in me. I watched him until midway to the other side a shot rang out and his body fell limp and into the frozen river..."

And the cannibals:

"I understood the rumors. I could feel the hunger that so many of us felt. But how could one eat his on mother, though! His own sister! His own child! I knew it was only a matter of time before they would get me. I'll stay hidden in these trees. I'll continue to eat these bugs and these plants. I'll survive! I'll not be eaten!"
And the most startling read of all comes from an incident in which Andreev is hiding up in a tree:

"These monsters are everywhere! They scratch at the base of my tree! They moan in agony: These are not human! I understood the hunger but why do they have to be so murderous! These are animals! I've been in my tree for 10 hours. My knees are weak, my arms are numb. Why do they not climb my tree and end this! The stink of the rotted flesh is so foul I vomited the bits of nothingness I had onto their heads. Disgusting rats! They clamored over my vomit and I watched them lick it from the ground! That only left them wanting more..."

The rest of the diary is much of the same and ends soon after this entry. There are more adjectives and phrases that Andreev uses to describe his enemy including, "full of worms", "infected", "no emotion", "scaly flesh", and "protruding bones".

Could this have been a zombie outbreak? If so, this would be the earliest account of a zombie sighting that the C.Z.R.G. has come across.

Since the island was surrounded by Soviet guards, the prisoners and the zombies could not leave the area, becoming a perfect quarantined area.

Was this an experiment by Soviet scientists to conduct an outbreak just to watch it's affects? Was Stalin debating the use of zombies against his enemies?

Unfortunately, for the C.Z.R.G. and the citizens of the world, this find only brings more questions to the table.

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