Thursday, July 19, 2007

Soviet Outbreak in 1933?

C.Z.R.G. Report
Samantha Cummins
July 19, 2007
Nazino, Russia

On April 9, 2007, an Australian publication released an article about an incident in 1933 in Russia during Joseph Stalin's regime. The article is about a historian who wrote a book entitled, "Cannibal Island".

The Australian:
Thousands of Soviet-era prisoners rounded up in Joseph Stalin's brutal purges were dumped without food or shelter on a remote island in Siberia, where they turned to cannibalism.
It's a very interesting article and a very sad story from a very sad time in Russia. Analysts from the C.Z.R.G. stationed in Russia undertook their own research into the incident and came upon a startling find.

A diary from a man named Pytor Andreev was found in the rounded up material from various sources. Andreev, whose age is unknown, left a lot of very detailed information on what he was witnessing. He described his mother becoming sick:

"I placed my frozen hand on my mother's forehead and felt the warmth of a hundred suns. I wished I could crawl into her head and be just as warm. Never mind what crazy things she must be thinking - She is so delirious."

He also described the day his brother was shot to death:

"I warned him not to. There was no hope. Of course, he didn't listen to me. He never did. I saw him push off from the shore amidst a crowd of bodies, most laying on the cold muddy ground, almost none standing. His last glance at me was a smile and I began to cry...but no tears would come, for I had no water in me. I watched him until midway to the other side a shot rang out and his body fell limp and into the frozen river..."

And the cannibals:

"I understood the rumors. I could feel the hunger that so many of us felt. But how could one eat his on mother, though! His own sister! His own child! I knew it was only a matter of time before they would get me. I'll stay hidden in these trees. I'll continue to eat these bugs and these plants. I'll survive! I'll not be eaten!"
And the most startling read of all comes from an incident in which Andreev is hiding up in a tree:

"These monsters are everywhere! They scratch at the base of my tree! They moan in agony: These are not human! I understood the hunger but why do they have to be so murderous! These are animals! I've been in my tree for 10 hours. My knees are weak, my arms are numb. Why do they not climb my tree and end this! The stink of the rotted flesh is so foul I vomited the bits of nothingness I had onto their heads. Disgusting rats! They clamored over my vomit and I watched them lick it from the ground! That only left them wanting more..."

The rest of the diary is much of the same and ends soon after this entry. There are more adjectives and phrases that Andreev uses to describe his enemy including, "full of worms", "infected", "no emotion", "scaly flesh", and "protruding bones".

Could this have been a zombie outbreak? If so, this would be the earliest account of a zombie sighting that the C.Z.R.G. has come across.

Since the island was surrounded by Soviet guards, the prisoners and the zombies could not leave the area, becoming a perfect quarantined area.

Was this an experiment by Soviet scientists to conduct an outbreak just to watch it's affects? Was Stalin debating the use of zombies against his enemies?

Unfortunately, for the C.Z.R.G. and the citizens of the world, this find only brings more questions to the table.

Olympic National Park, Washington Closed for possible quarantine

Port Angeles, Washington
July 19, 2007

C.Z.R.G. field analysts have confirmed that the Olympic National Park has been closed until further notice. National Parks spokesman, Henry Bale, did not return our phone calls.

Eye-witness reports indicate that military traffic to and from the main entrance to the park has become apparent. Also, large make shift fences have begun sprouting on the borders of the park.

More information will be available soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rabies & The Zombie Brain

C.Z.R.G. Report
Thomas Schmidt
July 18, 2007

Speculation over the cause of 'zombie-ism' is rife here at the C.Z.R.G. We can only assume what the causes are due to lack of information and specimen research. To this day, the governments of the world seems to have done their job protecting us from a zombie outbreak or the incidents we have seen are just a part of a controlled experiment. Would there even be an outbreak caused by a virus? Is it even a virus? We have little evidence to suggest such a thing, however, it seems to be the most logical assumption.

What kind of virus could it be? What would cause a human to become so violent and invincible at the same time? Evidence suggests that zombies have a hunger for human flesh and can only be eliminated by destroying the brain. How can this be? This defies the science that the 'mainstream' world knows.

What about some sort of mutant form of rabies? Rabies has been reported to infect human beings and almost always is fatal without vaccination. Rabies is usually but not always passed around when a bite is inflicted. In many cases the affected animal is exceptionally aggressive, may attack without provocation, and exhibits otherwise uncharacteristic behavior.

After the virus enters the body, it attacks nerve endings and continues to attack the nervous system all the way up to the brain. Once it reaches the brain, encephalitis takes place. Once symptoms become obvious it takes about 10 days for the human to succumb to the virus.

Now we can safely assume that a zombie is not simply a rabid human. Where does the hunger for flesh come in and the invincibility? Enter the mutant strain of rabies.

This would probably consist of a parasitic form of the rabies, in that, the rabies would travel to the brain and the parasitic properties would begin to take place. The strain would take control of the r-complex or 'reptilian brain'.

The 'reptilian brain', evolutionarily speaking, is the part of the human brain that is responsible for the most basic and primitive in human skill, instinct, and survival. Rage, fight-or-flight responses, and xenophobia are a few functions contributed to by the r-complex. The mutant strain of rabies latches on to this part of the brain and begins to break down the rest of the brain. This becomes the main 'housing' of the parasite. This may also explain the sudden death of a zombie once it's brain has been destroyed. You see, its not the brain that you are destroying, its this parasitic hive that has formed on the r-complex. From here the parasitic virus takes control of mostly all of the bodily functions and feeds on whatever the parasite needs to survive. (Read this interesting article, In Our Messy, Reptilian Brains).

This is probably blood and other bodily fluids. This could mean that when the fluids of the host body have been consumed, the parasite's hunger for more leads to the murderous, cannibalistic nature we have seen in zombies. Its not necessarily the human flesh that they are after, its the bodily fluids.

Now, the question remains. Why is it then that a zombie is only stoppable when the brain is destroyed? This defies my logic and only time will tell.

This article may be updated in the future.


JULY 18, 2007

After yesterdays attack on a young boy in Port Angeles, a search mission was formed to find and capture the assailant who disappeared into the wilderness on the outskirts of the Olympic National Park at around 6:00pm.

The search mission was called off around 8:00pm last night due to loss of daylight only to be resumed this morning. A C.Z.R.G field analyst became a volunteer for the search mission and reported to the C.Z.R.G. headquarters at around 11:30am.

All morning, the dogs were hot on the trail of the man who attacked the young boy yesterday. At about 9:30 this morning, the man was spotted walking towards us from about 500 yards away. The police officer in charge of our 8 man search team immediately told us to halt. Everyone one stopped in their positions while another officer called on to his radio to report the find and to give our location using a GPS device. Using his bull horn, the officer in charge ordered the man to stand down and to throw any weapons to the ground. At this point all officers on our team had their handguns aimed and ready. The man did not stop and kept moving towards us with a limp. The officer warned the man once more, saying he would fire on him. The man kept coming. At this point the officer put down his bull horn and fired one shot hitting the man in the left arm. The man fell to the ground, moaning. He then stood up and continued to come towards us. The closer he got, I could see the hesitation in the officers to put this man down because he was unarmed. One more shot fired hit the man in the chest knocking him to the ground. Once again the man stood up within two minutes of the shot and continued to come closer to one of the officers. I remember hearing one of the officers yelling, "Did you see that!?". At this point everyone was yelling at the man to stand down. The man lifted both arms out in front of him, not seeming to even wince in pain with the wounded arm and chest. He picked up pace at about 10ft out from one of the officers. A shot rang out and the man was hit in the head only 5ft from the officer. The man fell to the ground and this time did not move again.

I was not allowed to go near the body. The other two search teams met up with ours and we all sat around and talked about what had happened. The body was put on a make shift stretcher and hiked out of the forest. The officers and paramedics I talked to all said the same thing. This man was on some sort of drugs, possibly PCP, and that was how he sustained two gun shots and kept coming.

The question remains as to where this zombie came from and if there is only one. The authorities have not quarantined the area and probably will not do so. The C.Z.R.G will classify this event as a Class 3 Sighting. All precautions should be taken.
-C. Ward

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Report by Charles Ward.

At 2:30pm, C. Z. R. G. field analysts in Port Angeles, Washington interviewed a family there who had just encountered what they described as a "mad man".

An 8-year-old boy was playing in his driveway when an unknown individual "limped" out of the forest next to the home. According to the child, the man was "disgusting" and made "funny noises" as he came close. The man got close enough to grab the boy's shirt. Luckily, the boy slipped out of that shirt and ran into the house.

The boys father rushed out of the house to confront the man with his hunting rifle, while the mother stayed in the house and called 911.

"I just wanted to scare the guy," said the father. "I definitely wasn't going to shoot him...but he just kept coming toward me. Of course, I told him that I'd shoot him but, like I said, I wasn't going to kill this guy."

When asked to describe the assailant, he said, "He stunk. He must have been drunk because he was having a hard time keeping balance. He was all dirty and I just figured he was some homeless guy who'd been living in the forest...Geez, he really stunk. He kept making these god awful moans as if he was hurting or something."

With the desire to not hurt the man, the father entered his home and locked the door behind him. The man "bumped" against the door, according to the mother, and never tried to force it open. After about five minutes of this, the man wandered back into the woods.

The police arrived soon afterward. Dogs and a search party were sent into the forest . The search is still underway at this moment. More information will be available soon.

Looking for that special fortress to live out your days during a massive zombie outbreak?

A man in Idaho is selling, what seems to be, a nice home equipped with a cold war style bunker in the basement complete with kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, and space for two power generators. Read more about it here.
-Allen Tobias

Friday, July 13, 2007

Residual effects of a two month old outbreak in Paris?

A French gendarme has killed his two children and a colleague before shooting himself dead in a barracks in a suburb of Paris, officials have said.

Residual effects of a two month old outbreak in Paris?
Samantha Cummins

Our sources on the ground in Paris have an ambulance driver quoted as saying, "The scene inside was unmistakably gruesome. The children were completely disfigured."

This article from the BBC, neglects to tell us readers about the possible zombie outbreak that occurred in this town only two months ago. Malakoff is a densely populated industrialized suburb southwest of the capital.

Two months ago, on the north-eastern edge of town, a possible outbreak occurred at a chemical plant resulting in the injury of at least two people. It was reported as a worker's strike gone terribly wrong when a small scale riot broke out. One person described the event as a "slaughter house" with nothing more to say. The incident was quickly swept under the rug when the local police and several military vehicles arrived on the scene.

Without further evidence, and only going on the words of people involved, we can only suspect this to be a zombie incident.